22 Nov Sara Cassells AproDerm Review

I’ve mentioned a few times now about my skin type. Although my face has changed from dry to combination lately my legs and arms are still very dry.  After years of trying everything the doctor had to offer – DiproBase, eucerin, double base, E45 to name a few I ended up giving up and didn’t moisturise for years!  I know, bad right?

After receiving an email from Fontus offering to send me a sample of their new Eczema treatment “AproDerm” I thought, why the heck not.  I haven’t anything to loose and applying fake tan had been a total disaster up until then to the point I no longer use it either.

My sample arrived last week and I’ve been applying each night out of the shower since.  I focus the majority of it on the tops of my arms as this is where I have most of my dry patches.  I also apply a little extra on my elbows and knees as these tend to be driest for most people.  Unlike any of the creams I had been sent home with from the doctor this isn’t a very thick one.  It’s quite light and almost like a mousse texture when pumped out.  It’s quite thin to begin with but when rubbed into the skin you can feel the richness of it.  Because this moisturiser is as light as it is I do actually apply a little to my face at night.  Focusing on the outer edges and my forehead as after showering these are the places that seem to itch most.  Usually I skip moisturising because of that horrible greasy sticky feeling you can be left with, but this cream seems to sink in so quickly it skips that part.  I can get dressed pretty much straightaway without the fear of having my clothes stick to me or be uncomfortable in bed.


Saras AproDerm pic


At the start when applied it does show up white on the surface, which is actually quite handy for seeing where you have and have not applied it.  This only lasts for a few seconds as it very quickly absorbs into the skin leaving no greasy residue behind.  Smell wise it’s not terrific but if it works – which it does I can certainly live with that. It does smell like your typical eczema creams, which to me smell quite clinical if that makes sense?

This moisturiser is also suitable for sufferers of Psoriasis & other Dry Skin complaints and helps in the reduction of redness in the skin.  It is gentle enough to be used on new-born babies and is free of the following:-

Parabens free

Fragrance free

SLS free

Colour free

Halogen free

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