Dr Jane Gilbert qualified as a doctor from Imperial College London (St Mary’s Hospital). Her medical school interview, training and progress as a doctor in both hospitals and general practice were featured on the long-running BBC documentary series ‘Doctors to Be’ and ‘Doctors at Large.’

As a junior doctor, Jane worked in hospitals in medicine, accident and emergency, dermatology, paediatrics and women’s health. She has been working for the past twenty years as a health journalist and media medic. She researched and presented ‘The Good Birth Guide’ for the ITV digital channel Wellbeing, presented the series ‘Call Dr Jane’ for Yorkshire and Tyne Tees TV and appeared as a health expert for the programme ‘Teen Taboos’ on Channel 4.

Jane has been published widely in magazines including Practical Parenting, Bliss and The Sunday Express and she has also created content for Boots, ITV and Toys R Us magazine. She was a core contributor for Practical Parenting, writing regular ‘Well Woman’ and ‘Agony Aunt’ pages. She wrote the ‘Child Health Zone’ for Crooke’s Healthcare, a simple but comprehensive guide to children’s health for worried parents and “Potty Training” for Hamlyn Books, which was published in January 2003, republished in 2006 and 2008 and given as a promotional gift with Huggies Pull-ups.

Jane is part of a team creating health information and education films for the NHS and Diabetes UK. She presents digital film ‘prescriptions’ to help patients cope with chronic disease and injury.

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