Greetings! We’re the AproDites, Protectors Against Dry Skin. Our headquarters are on Planet Apro however our AproMissions take us all around the galaxy and if you look closely in the sky you might see us zooming around in our AproRocket helping those with dry skin. Find out more about us below.

Name:   Itchii

Age:   6 years

Characteristics:  Fun loving & Helpful

Likes:   Magic tricks & eating

Dislikes:   Dust mites


Name:   Captain Apro

Age:   Ancient

Characteristics:  Leader of the bunch & Strong

Likes:   Football & swimming

Dislikes:   Hot baths

Name:   Eczii

Age:   15 months

Characteristics:  Baby Genius & AproScientist

Likes:   Inventing gadgets & reading

Dislikes:   Cold weather


Name:   Dermo

Age:   9 years

Characteristics:  Spontaneous, friendly & fast

Likes:   Skateboarding and video games

Dislikes:   Sitting around

Name:   Emolli

Age:   11 years

Characteristics:  Creative & Funny

Likes:   Jewellery, Art & Music

Dislikes:   Stressful situations

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