03 Jul 10 Truths about Eczema

Many myths have been told about eczema. Here are some interesting truths about eczema that will dispel some of these…


One of the most common skin conditions… Eczema affects 1 in 5 children & 1 in 12 adults in the UK


Common triggers include: soaps, weather, moulds, pet fur, pollen, food allergies – i.e. eggs, peanuts, soya


Causes of eczema are likely to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors


A personal or family history of allergies, hay fever or asthma is a primary risk factor for the development of eczema. If a parent has eczema, the child is more likely to also develop it


Can affect any part of the skin, but most commonly bends of elbows & knees, wrists & neck


Adults can develop eczema… even if it was absent during their childhood


There are many different types of eczema… and these include Atopic, Contact Dermatitis, Discoid, Seborrhoeic, Varicose or Stasis eczema, with Atopic being the most common form


Eczema is not contagious…you cannot catch eczema!


Affected skin commonly appears red, dry, itchy and sometimes bleeds when broken


No cure, but majority of cases improve for children when they become teenagers… most eczema cases can be managed by a good routine of regular emollient therapy

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