06 Dec My Secret To Healthy Looking Skin

Looking after your skin can seem like an easy task to some, but not everybody is born with lovely and healthy looking skin. I truly believe our skin is a reflection of our health and mental state, but also know that there are many people out there struggling with skin conditions they were born with or developed by various factors.

Before children I did not know what it is to look after delicate newborn skin and how easy it is to get it irritated. My younger daughter used to struggle with some dry patches on her back when she was a tiny baby.  I was very stressed about not knowing what to use to help her and make her skin look beautiful.

Secret to healthy looking skin kid

We asked ourselves all the obvious questions like did we offer any new food or drink, new washing powder, new clothes, but we were unable to find the reason for her irritated skin condition.

After various visits to our local GP and trying a few creams, I almost gave up. Then the patches magically disappeared. It was a huge relief for me and my husband, but I was always wondering what was the cause to these and also worried they would come back.

AproDerm bottle

If you or your little one suffers with eczema, dry skin or psoriasis try the new AproDerm Emollient Cream which is free from SLS, parabens, halogens, colours and fragrances. This cream protects, moisturises and soothes skin that is affected by the above mentioned conditions.

When struggling with any skin conditions I believe it is very important to develop certain routines, and stick to them to make the situation for ourselves or our little ones easier.

Despite my girls not suffering with very dry skin, I have been using this cream on their skin before bathing them, and their skin has never looked better. My older daughter likes using the cream on her knees as they tend to have a bit drier skin, and is very happy with the result.

This cream is suitable for all ages and a free sample can be ordered online. Here is to a healthier looking skin!

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