11 Feb 4 Ways to Use Moisturiser

Think your moisturiser only performs a single function? Think again! Good quality moisturisers are actually much more versatile than we tend to give them credit for, and can be used in a number of different ways to help keep our skin looking and feeling great. Here are 4 different ways to use your moisturiser that you may not have thought of:

Apply to Wet Skin

Moisturiser is often applied to dry skin, but experts recommend that it may work better if applied to wet skin following a shower or bath. Why? Because a good moisturiser should leave a protective layer on the surface of the skin. If applied to wet skin, the lotion will seal in the moisture that’s already on its surface, locking it into place and helping to hydrate and moisturise.

Make an Exfoliating Facial Scrub

An issue with many exfoliators available on the shelves is that they can prove to be a little too harsh for very sensitive skin. If you struggle to use store bought exfoliators, why not make your own? All you need is some of your favourite moisturiser mixed with granulated sugar. You’re in control here, and can add as much or as little sugar as you like. Simply let it sit on the face before rinsing.

AproDerm Hands

Keep Your Hands Soft

The skin on your hands is thicker than the skin on your face, which is why there are creams designed for the more sensitive skin on your face, and ‘heavier’ lotions for the hands. However, if you opt for a moisturiser that’s specifically designed to tackle conditions such as eczema and psoriasis which cause hard, dry skin, there’s no reason why you can’t use it on your hands, too!

Remove Makeup

When applied to a cotton wool ball, moisturiser is great for removing makeup before bed (a very important task as a layer of makeup can ‘prevent normal skin shedding’ during the night). However, not all moisturisers can double as a makeup remover, as some are much too harsh. Only use fragrance-free, colour-free moisturisers, like AproDerm®, to reduce the risk of irritation.

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