19 Jul Being Prepared For Days Out With Your Kids

Once you have children, long gone are the days when you could just get up, throw on some clothes, grab your bag and head to wherever you fancied. Going out for the day with kids requires planning, preparation and a lot of stuff.

The older they get, the easier it is to just head out without a bag filled to the brim with snacks, drinks, wipes, toys…the list goes on. However, when you do go out with your children, whether it be a trip to the shops, the park or the beach, there are a few things that you should always have either on you or in your car to keep them safe.

Lauras days out with the kids

Water is something I always take or buy when I’m out with the kids. It’s really important to keep them (and yourself) hydrated especially on hot days. I also pack snacks if I know we are going to be out for a while. Snacks keep your kids energy up and offer a distraction if they start to whine about being bored or hungry…or both.

When we head out to the park or beach or somewhere outdoors, I always make sure I pack for the weather. On a hot day I take sun cream, hats and sunglasses. If we are going to the beach, I take a change of clothes and a towel. On cold, wet days I take an umbrella, rain jackets and wellies.

Having a good first aid kit is essential when you have children. I carry wipes and plasters with me whenever we’re going out and I also carry a small bottle of paracetamol and an antihistamine. My children suffer with hayfever and there is nothing worse than a scratchy throat, tickly nose and sore eyes when you are trying to enjoy the sunshine.

For long car journeys, I let the kids take their tablets to watch a film or we’ll choose an audio book to listen to. Many a time I’ve driven to my Mum’s listening to The Gruffalo on repeat. I also make sure we put the windows down every now and again to get some fresh air circulating in the car. Consider taking your child’s pillow if you have the room in case they fall asleep so they don’t hurt their neck. You can also buy children’s neck supports to put in their car seats to stop them hurting themselves. I used to hate seeing the kids when they were babies with their heads leaning right forward as they slept.

Another tip for long journeys is to dress your children in light clothing that you can layer up. There’s nothing worse than a child who is too hot or too cold and having to lean over to reach them in the back seat and help them take clothes off or put clothes on. I get pretty car sick so I try not to look backwards as much as I can. If you have a potty-training toddler, consider popping them in pull ups for your journey to save you having to stop often or take their potty along with you in case of any emergency stops.

Going out with your children doesn’t need to be a military operation but if you plan and pack a few essentials, it will definitely make the experience a whole lot easier and more enjoyable for you all.

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