16 Nov Camping with kids

Taking the children camping can be a fantastic experience for the whole family. There’s something rather liberating about packing a bag full of essentials for the weekend to head off into the countryside to sleep under the stars.

If you’ve never taken the kids camping before you might find the following tips useful.

Take layers

The sun may be shining but as soon as darkness falls, it will get chilly and little ones can feel the cold quite quickly. Take plenty of layers so they can adjust to the temperature without getting too hot or too cold.

Drink plenty of water

Fresh drinking water will be readily available on the campsite so make sure the children are drinking plenty to keep them hydrated and cool.

Take a mini first aid kit

You can never predict when the little ones will hurt themselves so take a mini first aid kit packed with essentials; plasters, antiseptic cream, sterile wipes and anti-histamine creams are all great for first aid on the go and will protect young skin from bites, rashes and blisters.

Take advantage of the campsite facilities

Many campsites will have onsite shower blocks where children can get clean after a day of fun. Take their shower gels and body washes in small travel size containers so you can replicate their skincare routine away from home.

Take sunscreen

Being outside in the sunshine can really take its toll on both young and mature skin. Make sure you apply sunscreen twenty minutes before exposing bare skin to the elements and top it up throughout the day. Even the windiest of beaches can leave you with a touch of sunburn!

Take matches in a waterproof box

It’s essential to keep the matches dry when camping as if they get damp, you might struggle lighting the fire. Take a waterproof box to store them in to protect them from groundsheet flooding and leaky roofs.

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