17 Aug Skin Care – The Basics For Men

The importance of skin care for men is becoming more widely recognised in the UK. Today around 1 in 7 men admit to using some sort of cosmetic or skin care product to help keep their skin looking fresh, clear and healthy. Some of the most popular products among British men include eye creams and anti-ageing creams.

Unfortunately, however, there still seems to be a great deal of confusion surrounding the best ways for men to care for their skin and minimise some of the most common problems, such as dry skin.

Marketing & Men’s Choices

Many men are, understandably, opting to buy skin care products that are specifically marketed at the male population, but a question we need to be asking is whether these are really the best products to be using. There’s a common misconception that male skin is generally a bit rougher and tougher than female skin and that men require ‘harsher’ skin care products to see a difference in the appearance of their skin. This simply isn’t true, in fact, some men may actually have skin that’s more delicate than their female friends!

What it all comes down to is shaving. Shaving strips the skin of its natural, protective, hydrating oils, increasing the risk of sensitive and dry skin. This means that male skin really needs to be treated with gentle yet effective products that help to replace lost moisture.

The British Association of Dermatologists recommends using emollient creams containing glycerine – such as AproDerm® Colloidal Oat Cream or AproDerm® Gel for male skin, as these creams are mild yet hydrating, providing everything the skin needs to thrive.

Ultimately, the way men care for their skin shouldn’t be much different, if at all, from the way women do so. Regular cleansing and moisturising is important, and men should also be on the lookout for lightweight, fragrance free and colour free products that won’t clog pores.

Shaving is already a risk factor for blocked hair follicles which is a leading cause of mild acne in adults, so it’s important to use products that won’t increase the risk of clogged pores or aggravate the condition.

skin care for men basics

skin care for men basics

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