14 May Skin Care in Ramadan

skin care in Ramadan

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. 16th May 2018 will mark the first day of this holy month. 2.7 million Muslims in the UK will fast from dawn to dusk; approximately 18 hours each day.

Ramadan is a time of prayer and self-reflection which engenders a sense of gratitude, self-discipline and restraint. Eating, drinking, sexual activity, smoking and administration of medicines are prohibited during fasting hours. However, application of skin treatments do not affect the fast.

Fasting dehydrates the skin, affecting elasticity and skin health. It is very important to drink plenty of fluid in the eating hours and care for your skin throughout Ramadan.

The AproDerm® Range of emollients have been specially formulated to soothe, moisturise and protect skin. AproDerm® forms a layer over the skin that traps water inside whilst cooling the skin as it evaporates and gives a soothing feeling; ideal for the hot summer days whilst fasting!

So whilst fasting this year, don’t forget to care for your skin; moisturise, hydrate and protect it; this will leave your skin feeling supple and fresh.

Mrs Samira Osman MPharmS PGClinDip
Birmingham based pharmacist


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