28 Sep Top Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep

It is an accepted fact that without a full night of sleep, most of us will be irritable, cranky and just plain exhausted the following day.  There is nothing more frustrating than a night of broken sleep – just ask any parent of young kids!  For those of us with psoriasis however, it can often be a fact of life.  The bed is too hot … the bed-linen is too scratchy … your skin seems more irritable … the itch is unbearable.   One or all of these reasons can contribute to a restless night.

For a disease that has such strong associations with depression and despair, it is important for us to make small changes to help us to live more easily despite our psoriasis.  So today, I’d like to share some of my top tips that I’ve found helpful in ensuring a night of peaceful slumber.

Cotton is King!

Try to ensure that both your bed-linen and your pyjamas are made from 100% cotton.  This will help to keep you cool, whilst not irritating your skin in any way.   At risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, it is also the ideal fabric if you are using a lot of emollients on your skin at night, as it launders beautifully.

Cotton is King! (Image Source: Pinterest)

Cotton is King!
(Image Source: Pinterest)

PJs rule!

Having psoriasis means a lifetime of moisturising, so if you want to ensure that the lotions stay on your legs rather than on your sheets, pyjama bottoms are the safest bet.  No longer the flannel horrors of years gone by, think Calvin Klein checks and cool cotton tops.

PJ's rule! (Image Source: Pinterest)

PJ’s rule!
(Image Source: Pinterest)

Bathing Beauty

When experiencing skin that is irritable and itchy, fill a bath with warm water, add lots of emollient, a few drops of lavender oil and soak for as long as you can.  Pat dry and moisturise your skin liberally before bed.

Bathing Beauty (Image Source: Pinterest)

Bathing Beauty
(Image Source: Pinterest)

Pillow Spray

My newest discovery is one that I’m excited to share.  A lavender spray for your pillow actually works (believe me, I was sceptical) and is the final part of the jigsaw to ensure a peaceful night.


Sleep well!

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Helen blogs at www.theflakyfashionista.com, talking all things style & fashion for people with Psoriasis

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