06 Jul Travelling with children

Whether you’re going short or long haul, travelling with children can often be quite daunting. For children however, it can be an exciting adventure and there’s plenty you can do to make sure the kids are happy on the way. Here are some top tips for making the journey as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Wear loose clothing

Children can often get irritable and grumpy if they are too hot and uncomfortable. Usually when you’re travelling you can’t control the temperature of the car, plane or train. So make sure children wear loose comfortable clothing that they can relax in and will keep them cool. You can add layers if they’re feeling chilly.

Take a busy bag

Keeping the children entertained is a must when travelling and so preparing a busy bag full of activities will keep them quiet and occupied for the journey ahead. Colouring books and crayons, a new engaging story book, finger puppets, flash cards and activity books are great activities for children to do on the go.

Pack a lip balm

Little lips can often become dry if they’re exposed to harsh air conditioners on a plane or in the car. Take a lip balm to use on the go to keep lips moisturised and to prevent them from drying out.

Drink plenty of water

It’s essential to keep hydrated as you travel so take a small bottle of water for each member of the family to ensure they’re getting plenty of fluids. Being dehydrated can often lead to headaches and drowsiness. Neither of which are ideal when you’re travelling.

Take your own moisturiser

It’s important to regularly wash your hands when you’re travelling but harsh airport and service station soaps can leave your family’s skin dry. Take your own travel moisturiser to keep hands moisturised on the go.

Make the adventure part of the treat

Travelling can be exciting so make it part of the holiday or excursion. Play games, talk to children about where they’re going and educate them along the way.

Take a break

Make sure you take plenty of breaks where possible to let little ones stretch their legs. Many children get restless and bored if they’re seated for too long and it’s always good to get some fresh air and some exercise to break up a journey.


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