26 Jul Treat Yourself to a Home-made Facial Mask

Home-made facial mask

This may or may not come as a surprise to you. But the possible benefits from a home-made facial mask are something to shout about. Being able to give your skin some extra TLC from the comfort of your own home, with ingredients from your own kitchen, in your own time, what’s not to love?

What is a home-made facial mask?

A home-made facial mask is a home-made treatment applied to the face which can help moisturise and enhance the overall look and feel of your skin. With the right face mask you can help hydrate your skin, get rid of excess oils and help enhance the appearance of your pores. They can also be a terrific way to draw out any lurking impurities.

Why use a natural face mask?

When making your own face mask you have the advantage of knowing what ingredients you are putting on your skin. You do not have to worry about chemicals, additives or preservatives. The quality of the ingredients is controlled by you and what you have in your kitchen.

Not only are home-made facial masks cost effective, as they generally cost a lot less than commercial facial masks, but they are quick and easy to make. It’s simply just mixing a few natural ingredients together and then applying the mixture to your face. Even though sometimes it can be tempting to take a detour to your mouth.

Face masks can help to soothe irritated skin if you suffer from various skin conditions. For instance, face masks containing oats can calm patches of redness. It can also improve skin quality by removing dirt and oils that clog pores.

Home-made facial mask recipes

Now you have the facts, let’s get onto how to make the masks. Just a quick reminder that before making the masks, make sure you do a patch test with all the ingredients to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction. When it involves your skin it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Home-made facial mask

Honey Avocado Mask

AIM: Nourish and Moisturise

– ½ organic Avocado
– 1 tablespoon of organic, raw honey
– ¼ cup of organic, rolled oats
– 1 tablespoon of organic, lemon juice

Sounds yummy I know, but this is for the face not the tummy. Avocado contains a considerable amount of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E. This will help you nourish skin, leaving it feeling smooth.

Raw honey is full of elements that can be beneficial for the skin. It helps to balance the bacteria on the surface of your skin and is a natural exfoliator. Applying honey to your skin can help with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis by reducing inflammation and speeding the healing process. Remember the honey needs to be raw and unpasteurised, like manuka.

Oats have anti-aging properties. This is due to the beta-glucan found within them as it stimulates the production of collagen, which smooths out any fine lines and wrinkles. Oats also act as a gentle exfoliator for skin and are excellent for removing dead cells and maintaining the skin’s natural pH.

Lemon juice is packed with vitamin C which makes it terrific for brightening the skin. It also acts as a mild skin peel, due to the citric acid, thus improving the texture of your skin.

Strawberry and Yogurt Delight

AIM: Improve Texture and Glow

– 1 tablespoon of natural, organic, plain yogurt
– 1 tablespoon of organic, raw honey
– 3 large, organic strawberries

The lactic acid found in yogurt can help with smoothing out rough, dry skin. It helps to get rid of dead skin that can get stuck in the pores. Yogurt can also provide an anti-aging factor to your home-made facial mask as well as combating acne prone skin due to its anti–bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

If you want a natural anti-aging compound, strawberries are somewhere at the top of the list. Strawberries have an abundance of vitamin C and other antioxidants that provide skin brightening properties according to Trevor Cates, a licensed naturopathic physician in Park City, Utah and author of several books including Clean Skin from Within.1 If you don’t like to use strawberries or are allergic to them then you can try substituting for half a cup of cubed watermelon instead.

Coffee Mask

AIM: Reduce Puffiness

– 1 tablespoon of instant or ground coffee
– 1 tablespoon of powdered turmeric
– 1 tablespoon of Greek yogurt

Coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants which combined can reduce puffiness under the eyes (and inflammation), giving your skin a nice glow. And with turmeric being packed with vitamin C and the yogurt full of lactic acid, this home-made facial mask can help to leave your skin looking brighter and younger.

Tips for using face masks

Before you get your glow up, here are some tips on how to apply your home-made facial mask in order to get the full benefits of it:

  • Patch test
  • Cleanse your face before you apply a face mask
  • Use a gentle touch when applying your mask and use a brush if possible as your unwashed fingers are an easy way to introduce unwanted bacteria onto your face
  • Leave on for no longer than 20 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and make sure to get all the mask off



Cates, T. (n.d.). Clean skin from within.


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