13 Nov Trying a more sensitive approach to your dry skin condition

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Suffering from a dry skin condition is never easy; it’s visible, uncomfortable and difficult to disguise.

Working as a makeup artist, I am asked a lot about how to treat different skin conditions, cover them, or remove them all together. I make recommendations on products and sometimes suggest dietary changes that can help but most of the time there is not just one answer or one miracle oil that will solve all.

Most topical creams supplied on prescription or recommended by doctors for dry skin conditions will be high emollients to moisturise the skin and prevent further flaking.

BUT these can leave the skin feeling greasy, lasting on the surface for hours- too rich for the epidermis to absorb. It makes the skin feel unpleasant to touch, the moisturiser can build up in the creases and folds, sometimes drying to leave a white crumbly residue attracting bacteria and requiring rinsing to remove.

Not only this but the majority of us do not know if the ingredients that are in a cream formulated for dry skin will work longer term or if they contain an element that will become an irritant and cause further damage. The public are becoming aware of the suspected dangers of parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate and mineral oils, but when faced with a dry skin condition it’s not always possible to avoid these. 

A new product I have recently sampled, AproDerm, is formulated differently to absorb completely and forms a layer on top of the skin that keeps water in. They have removed the need for parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, halogens (such as chlorine), fragrance and colours. Liquid paraffin is the active ingredient with purified water (chlorine free!). It’s incredibly gentle and can be applied as regularly as required. It’s easier for the skin to absorb which means it doesn’t build up or collect in the warmer creases of the skin. This means it’s safe for use on the face too, even to apply makeup over.

AproDerm used as a base emollient before applying make up

Mineral foundation powders can be mixed with AproDerm to create gentle tinted moisturisers, foundations and concealers, or to help cover and treat red skin patches. These are best created using a small amount of moisturiser on the back of the hand, and adding gradual amounts of mineral foundation powder until mixed to the shade and pigment consistency required. To apply a light even base to sensitive patches, dapple product on lightly with a beauty sponge because they’re much less abrasive than other makeup tools. The hydrating, smoothing effects of Aproderm make it an excellent base for make up, lasting up to 12 hours with mineral foundation.


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