14 Jul Best ways to travel to festivals

So, what are the best ways to travel to your chosen festival?

While festivals are great places to see top musical acts and chill out, they often tend to be in fields in the middle of nowhere, which means getting there needs some planning.

Everyone has different opinions on how to get there, so here are a few options that may help you pick which is the best one for you.
Remember to always plan your travel in advance, you don’t want to come to the day and not know how you’re getting there!

1. Drive

Driving is a good option if you like the road trip experience. Personally, I do. Nothing starts off the festival trip better than getting to spend some time with your friends, enjoying the views, having a sing-a-long (no matter how tone deaf you are), eating some snacks and having the freedom to choose when and where you have your pitstops (trust me, this is a blessing in disguise!). The drive can be an adventure all on its own. Just make sure that you have plenty of fuel, snacks and that your satnav is fully charged so that you know where you’re going and won’t get lost. Maybe even plan to set off early, so you can have a stop or two at any sites along the way you may want to visit. Safety alert! Always stop if you get tired or better still share the driving, keep safe so the fun can last.



2. Train

This is a great option if you don’t like long-distance driving. A downside is that this method of travel can be pricey, however if you book in advance it can be cheaper. If you get the choice to pick where you want to sit book a seat with a table so you and your friends can comfortably play cards or watch a movie on your laptop or tablet. Trains allow you to chill with friends or even make new ones, listen to music (to get you in the festival mood) and have a laugh without worrying about keeping your eyes on the road. The only real thing that you have to worry about is getting on and off and not missing your stop ?. So you have plenty of time to relax along the way and even have something to eat if you fancy.



3. Coach

This option can be cheaper than the train and you can sometimes find one which has a direct route. It can be just as fun as a train journey, only downfall is that you don’t tend to get more than 2 seats together, not so much fun if there’s a group of you as you may not always get to sit together. Coaches can get quite stuffy and if you’re prone to travel sickness make sure you pack some tablets and get plenty of fresh air where possible. That leads me onto the fact that with coach journeys you don’t get to choose where and when you make your pitstops and the toilets on board are tiny!




4. Cycling

A great option if you live close by or within a reasonable cycling distance… unless you’re up for a challenge. Don’t forget you may be within cycling distance however, if you are planning on camping, then think about what you will need to take with you and where you will store your bike whilst you’re there. Bear in mind that you may be quite tired by the end of the festival so even though cycling there seemed like a breeze, cycling back may not be as much fun. Cycling limits what you can take with you so make sure you take enough but don’t overload yourself. Make sure you keep your fluids up as dehydration and exhaustion aren’t fun and neither is putting yourself in danger on the roads.



So… there you have it, my pick of the best ways to travel to a festival. I hope that this will help you make the best choice for your travel plans and helps you get your festival weekend off to a great start.
Last thing you want is to be stressed before you get there, so remember that if your travel plans do falter, just breathe and don’t panic or get all fussy. Take 5 minutes, reassess the situation and put plan b or c into action. Once you’ve sorted out how you’re getting to your festival why not read our tips on how to make the best of it?
All that’s left to say is enjoy!

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